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Treppiede in alluminio

Treppiede in alluminio

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The Aluminum Tripod is the perfect accessory for professionals and students looking for a versatile and high-quality solution to support their cutting heads. Made with durable and sturdy materials, this height-adjustable tripod ranges from 90cm up to 150cm, and is designed to meet every hairdresser's needs.

Its aluminum structure makes it lightweight and easy to transport, yet stable and robust at the same time. The height adjustment mechanism is easy to use and allows for the cutting head to be positioned at different heights to adapt to any type of need.

The wide and solid base guarantees excellent stability, while the non-slip feet prevent any slips during use. Additionally, the tripod comes with a cutting head support that securely holds it in place during use.

In summary, the aluminum tripod for cutting heads is an indispensable accessory for beauty professionals looking for a reliable, versatile, and high-quality solution for their hair cutting needs.

ATTACHMENT: Universal for cutting heads.

MATERIAL: Aluminum

ROTATION: Swivel head / 360° rotation / adjustable width.

HEIGHT: Adjustable in height from 90cm to 150cm.

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